Hollyn is a pioneering, pop-indie, singer/songwriter living in Dallas, TX. Her soulful anthems cross musical genres and borders, welcoming her audience to ask questions and discover truth.

Creating as a wife, mother, and friend, her heart is to build bridges between people's hearts and their heads through creative excellence. With a holistic approach to both emotional & spiritual health in her songwriting, her passion is to ignite a conversation of self-awareness through music. 

As her story unfolds, so does her heart and musical offerings. Her listeners find themselves tucked away in the words she crafts as she brings them along for the journey. 


"My Little Dove"

Inspired by my daughter and learning to be one myself, this project is a stripped back and vulnerable look into my emotional process from pre-motherhood to now.

Intended for anyone undergoing a massive change of season or needing encouragement to try again. I hope you enjoy and find yourself in the songs.

XO, Hollyn